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Winter Rest

I lived through five Chicago winters.

They lasted from October to May some years. With outrageous -40 degree wind chill temperatures.

Businesses stayed open, snow plows and salt trucks were on the streets 24 hours a day.

I was a teacher then and each morning, I spent 30 minutes digging my car out of the snow bank and driving to school.

I have lived in Austin now for 11 years.

Our winters have been one to two months long and rarely do we get temperatures below 15 degrees.

Until this week!

I woke up to seven inches of snow, 8 degree temperature.

Our city is shut down. My street unplowed, unsalted and many homes without power.

When my adult kids and I received notice that our dinner plans were canceled by the restaurant and it was unsafe to drive anywhere I said:

“Maybe it is time to read and rest.”

My thoughts revisited my “Seasons of the Soul” program outline. I reminded myself that nature teaches me how to care of my soul.

Each season comes and goes in a natural rhythm.

There is purpose in every season.

Timing is everything.

As I contemplated the needs of my soul this week, I became aware of my need for some soul rest.

· A “winter” season is presenting itself.

· Time to pause. Stop.

· Give myself emotional space to allow feelings and drop storylines that cause me to remain stuck and tangled.

· Asking myself; “What do I need to hear right now, and how can I be kind to myself?” Then listening for the answer.

· Letting go of striving and inviting peace to dwell with me.

· Allowing spontaneity. Playtime in the snow?

I thought of how silly it would be to try to plant a garden in winter, digging through the frozen ground laying seeds down and hoping they survive the cold. It is a waste of my energy as seasons cannot be forced.

So it is with my soul.

I want to use my soul energy wisely. Recharging my batteries as needed. Being grateful for unexpected storms that bring quiet and stillness.

Unexpected storms that allow time for conversations, for reflection and new creative ideas.

I choose to rest, taking in the beauty of my “winter” soul season.

Always being mindful of the signs for the coming “spring” of my soul.

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope come from him.

Psalm 62:5 NIV


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