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About Flourishing Skills GroupTM  


Why do some people languish while other people flourish? Because in order to thrive, people need to learn to build their reservoir of positive emotions, work with negative emotions, build their will-power, and create nurturing relationships.

FSGs gives you those tools in an intimate and supportive group setting. Created by The Flourishing Center, the group meets weekly for 10 consecutive weeks. Each week building and deepening your happiness skillset leaving you nourished & empowered. 

You'll Get To:


• Connect with Your Tribe

• Learn to Manage Stress

• Boost Your Daily Happiness

• Create Optimum Health

• Prevent Health Problems

• Increase Self-Awareness

• Gain Tools for Self-Mastery

Earn a certificate of completion.

10 Week Program


Starts: Inquire For Details

Time: TBD

Location: TBD

Online: Zoom Offered

$50 per session or $450 paid in full

($25 per hour savings compared to normal rate)


Limited to 10 people. 

LENGTH: Two and a half weeks (five sessions)

MEETS: Monday and Wednesday


TIME: 4:00-5:15 PM

DATES: April 30th - May 28th




$30 per session or  $125 if paid upfront

($55/hour savings compared to normal rate)


Limited to 12 people.
Pre-registration  required

Session Descriptions


#1. Introductions

Learn what the science of happiness and well-being (Positive Psychology) is all about. Tell strengths stories and uncover the power of focusing on “what’s right with you” in a world that’s constantly focusing on what’s going wrong. 

#2. Strengths

Discover your top signature strengths are. Learn about naming, spotting and amplifying strengths. Use these skills to become more effective in the world by leveraging what you’re already doing well. ​


#3. Gratitude 

Learn about how evolution has biased your mind and body for negativity and how you can counter this tendency to worry, judge and ruminate by practicing gratitude. Learn the science of gratitude and novel gratitude exercises. ​


#4. Savoring

Positive life events alone are not enough to bring out happiness. Harnessing these approaches to savoring enable you to get more positivity out of your day-to-day experiences. ​


#5. Connections

Learn to build more positive and authentic connections with the people in your life. Uncover simple tools for helping the people in your become happier and healthier. 

#6. Visualization

Many people waste their energy thinking about things they “should change” but rarely do. Uncover this research based approach to effectively moving towards your best possible self. ​

#7. Mind Chatter

Is your mind-full or are you mindful? Learn about how your brain works. Identify how to redirect and reprogram your limiting beliefs to more empowering, solution oriented thoughts. ​


#8. Habit Change

Of course you can teach an old dog new tricks, you just need to know the science of how habits form and how they are broken. Learn to identify the trigger, habit loop and appropriate rewards to break old habits. ​


#9. Forgiveness

Forgiving does not mean forgetting. Research shows that people who score high on forgiveness are happier than those who score the least. Discover exercises for letting go of the past to be able to authentically move forward. ​


#10. Intuition

Learn the science of intuition and how to tell the difference between the static and the signals. Practice taping your inner wisdom and intuition. 


“Working with Monica and taking part in the FSG was absolutely life altering. This group helped me connect immediately with others in a way that no other group ever had. I feel this allowed us to have an open and honest learning environment that allowed all of us to learn from Monica as well as from each other in a way I had never learned previously. I was unsure of making a 10 week commitment due to my scheduling and time constraints, however this group became essential to my well being and filled my heart and soul. The skills and tools I have learned have affected every aspect of my life, and I feel that they have given me a new self-awareness and empathy for others. My relationships with my family, friends, and everyone in my life have improved as a result and I am immensely grateful for the experience and journey! “


– Amy Conde, Austin, TX



“I wish I had taken this course 20 years ago. Every aspect of my life: motherhood, work and marriage benefited from me taking the time to develop these flourishing skills. My family felt the difference in my presence after the first session and I felt empowered, uplifted and encouraged. I am eager to have my daughter begin Monica's teen flourishing skills group as I know this is the most life-changing gift I can give her.”

– Talaya Frazier, Austin, TX


“The Flourishing Skills Group was life changing. Monica gave us tools for everyday life that are applicable and easy to integrate into our busy lives. Unlike other conferences I have attended, we actually practiced the tool for that week while we were together. Every week I would walk away encouraged. You don't want to miss this group and the opportunity to improve and grow in how God made you special.”

– Joanne Kemper, Austin, TX 


The FSG is something that everyone should learn about and integrate into their lives. The skills that are taught are extremely useful but also practical and easy to implement in life. Monica is an amazing leader and helps guide each lesson showing her passion and knowledge for each topic. She is encouraging, loving and makes it safe to share your feelings. These skills have the power to turn ones life around, they can help change the way you talk to yourself, see and interact with others and increase your happiness by teaching you to focus on the positive. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking for simple ways to increase their happiness and well being that will in turn have lasting benefits in their life. 

- Sarah, Austin, TX

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