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My colleagues and I greatly enjoyed the presentation.  Many of us have the Choice Map and Mindfulness bookmark displayed at our work stations.  The most valuable tool that I have started to use is both Mindfulness and Active Listening.  In my field, good communication skills are invaluable for building positive relationships with regulatory agencies, contractors and teammates.  Since employing the active listening, both my personal and professional relationships have demonstrated a greater level of respect and understanding, making my daily life more peaceful.   Thank you for sharing these tools with our group.

 Amy Blythe, Kinder-Morgan


I enjoyed this session. I think it will benefit me at work and home. The meditation really helped me; I was feeling low on energy and that was like a shot of espresso! 

- Houston, TX


I enjoyed the presentation. Simple strategies to just be happier - Can't go wrong with that!

- Jody, Houston, TX


The Lunch and Learn covered very important topics! I love the scientific background and medication example!

- Blake, Houston, TX


Thanks for sharing your skills with us, Monica! I especially needed the brief meditation pause!

- Chris, Houston, TX


The FSG is something that everyone should learn about and integrate into their lives. The skills that are taught are extremely useful but also practical and easy to implement in life. Monica is an amazing leader and helps guide each lesson showing her passion and knowledge for each topic. She is encouraging, loving and makes it safe to share your feelings. These skills have the power to turn ones life around, they can help change the way you talk to yourself, see and interact with others and increase your happiness by teaching you to focus on the positive. I highly recommend this group to anyone who is looking for simple ways to increase their happiness and well being that will in turn have lasting benefits in their life. 

- Sarah, Austin, TX


“The Flourishing Skills Group was life changing. Monica gave us tools for everyday life that are applicable and easy to integrate into our busy lives. Unlike other conferences I have attended, we actually practiced the tool for that week while we were together. Every week I would walk away encouraged. You don't want to miss this group and the opportunity to improve and grow in how God made you special.” 

– Joanne Kemper, Austin, TX 


“I wish I had taken this course 20 years ago. Every aspect of my life: motherhood, work and marriage benefited from me taking the time to develop these flourishing skills. My family felt the difference in my presence after the first session and I felt empowered, uplifted and encouraged. I am eager to have my daughter begin Monica's teen flourishing skills group as I know this is the most life-changing gift I can give her.” 

– Talaya Frazier, Austin, TX



“Working with Monica and taking part in the FSG was absolutely life altering. This group helped me connect immediately with others in a way that no other group ever had. I feel this allowed us to have an open and honest learning environment that allowed all of us to learn from Monica as well as from each other in a way I had never learned previously. I was unsure of making a 10 week commitment due to my scheduling and time constraints, however this group became essential to my well being and filled my heart and soul. The skills and tools I have learned have affected every aspect of my life, and I feel that they have given me a new self-awareness and empathy for others. My relationships with my family, friends, and everyone in my life have improved as a result and I am immensely grateful for the experience and journey! “ 


– Amy Conde, Austin, TX


“Meet Monica’s remarkable, high school quadruplets she raised as a single parent and you will hold steadfast to every bit of wisdom, knowledge and parenting tools she shares. These children are a direct reflection of her gift of parenting as each child is very different in personality and talent yet all extremely confident and secure in their own identity. 


Through her life coaching group sessions, I learned practical, daily skills I apply to myself and and my family in identifying fears, overcoming fears and opening up clear lines of communication within our family as to not hinder individual growth or relationships. Her recommended literature for current issues I face as a mother has been priceless as well.


It is a privilege to have Monica part of Cheyanna’s Champions4Children Foundation as a certified life coach for parents of children with rare or undiagnosed disorders.”

– Talaya Frazier (Founder, Cheyanna’s Champions4Children)


“I started working with Monica in January of 2015, and I can definitely say her coaching ability and technique have been a tremendous asset to my life, my daily routine, and my perspective toward the future. Monica delves deep with questions and assignments that enable one to look at life issues that need addressed and/or resolved to move forward with the life he or she wants. She offers suggestions that are common sense and practical, which we often overlook because of our strong emotional attachment to the situation. Monica is taking me from overwhelmed to clarity as I continue life’s journey. I highly recommend Monica as a life coach.”

– Marianne Baum (business owner) 


“As a wife, mother, and competitor, I was continually bombarded by roadblocks within myself that hindered me from loving and performing my best. Life coaching with Monica truly changed my life. It changed my life because it changed ME! For the first time I was able to gain practical tools that enabled me to be transformed ultimately achieve the relationships and goals I have always dreamed of!”

– Jenna Marie Moore (wife, mother)



"I began working with Monica during a very difficult season in my life in June 2016, when I felt my personal life was falling apart. I was new to the concept of life coaching, but I was open to trying it.  It was through working with Monica that taught me how to cope with negative thought patterns, and apply practical tools that revolutionized how I deal with personal circumstances in a much healthier manner. I also learned how to apply healthy boundaries in my relationships with others which has made a huge different for me. The practical tools and wisdom that Monica shares is priceless, and I strongly recommend her as a coach for anyone (guy or gal) who is looking for solid guidance through the challenging society we live in today."

– Adam Blythe (business owner)



“Monica’s coaching has been extremely helpful to me. I have participated in counseling and career focused coaching in the past, but when we started meeting I was in need of coaching to help me get past some roadblocks on a personal level. Monica’s insights and guidance has been a great help to me. I was able to have a new perspective on issues that I have worked on for many years, and I was able to make great progress over a relatively short period of time. Monica was very sensitive and in tune with what I needed when I needed it. I strongly recommend her coaching.”

– Antoinette Verdone (business owner)



“I enjoyed Monica’s Parenting group last fall.  She had so many great ideas and the books she recommended were very helpful as well.  A  genuine and faithful person, Monica is also an experienced mother who has so many valuable things to offer in our fast-paced, busy world.”

– Dora Nemeth-Parrish (wife, mother)

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