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Savor the Silence

What is one of your favorite sounds?

That was the question of the week for my women’s life group. Immediately, I thought of silence.

I love silence. I have always been one of those people who savors the morning time… without talking. When I am home alone, which is very often, there is no music or TV. Just silence. I have also started practicing silence as I drive to work and have noticed I felt more calm and focused upon arrival. Often, I just let my mind wander free during silent moments.

I realize that this is somewhat due to my introverted personality as it’s a way for me to replenish. But during the years of teaching a room full of 7th graders and then becoming a mom of quadruplets, the season of silence was not in bloom. Although rare, there were days that allowed me a bit of alone time, and silence was right there with me, offering me a few moments to be still and savor.

I welcomed the new year by joining LiftMy.Life, a 21 day challenge with the Flourishing Center in NYC where I did my positive psychology training. On day seven, the challenge was to pick an activity and practice savoring. Engage one or more of the five senses in an activity and notice how we feel. I picked mindful eating. As I was savoring my smoothie, I was also silent. So I started savoring the silence. The result:

· Connection to my inner voice

· Connection to my emotions

· Gratitude for my meal/home/freedom/day of rest

· An uplifted heart

· Creative ideas to connect with a friend

· Deep peace

· Title for this blog

I realized there is a key to savoring. Another “S” phrase.


Sometimes, I don’t realize the rushed pace I think I have to keep, trying to do too much in an allotted amount of time. Yesterday, I was so rushed, I did not pay attention to my contacts and had double contacts in one eye! I realized this when I got dizzy and nauseous! I needed to slow down.

Thus, I have returned to my daily savoring practice. One way to practice this is in the book I published called “Savor the Day” which features the science behind savoring.

Here you go:

Savoring brings our attention back into the present moment and fosters mindfulness, which has been linked to stress reduction, greater focus and working memory, reduced emotional reactivity and rumination, greater relationship satisfaction, increased immune functioning and improved well-being!

What can you commit to savoring today? Let’s slow down and savor together and make 2023 a year of true connection and well-being!

God deals out joy in the present, the now. Ecclesiastes 5:19 MSG

Note: If interested in ordering a copy of “ Savor the Day”, a journal to inspire gratitude and savoring in daily life, email Monica at


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