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The one minute pause

I found myself craving open space for my soul, my mind and my heart. As I searched for a time in my week that would allow me to rest and regroup, I found a few hours, five days from the present moment. I told myself I could push through and would be fine until then. It is all good work, right?

My positive psychology mentor shared a mantra with us before we graduated. It was,

“We must drink as we pour.” I embraced this whole heartedly, even making a bookmark with the saying and sharing it regularly with my clients and friends. What does it mean to take a little replenishing “drink” each day so we can give, love, encourage, parent and work?

It is called the one minute pause. I learned about this practice while reading the book,

“Get your life back” by John Eldredge. We simply take 60 seconds and let everything go. We tell ourselves, “I let everyone and everything go. I release it all. I am letting go.”

I ask for peace and love to fill me. And I repeat. Just for 60 seconds. It is a time to connect to ourselves and ground us back to the present moment.

Be still. Be quiet. Be.


This practice opens space for my soul. It begins to cultivate a more quiet heart. One little step at a time. Over time, the cumulative effect can actually reshape the pace of my day, training my soul to be filled with peace and love, consequently spilling over in kindness towards others.

Practically speaking, I set an alert on my phone twice a day. Mid-morning and early evening. Sometimes, it is in the driveway before I enter my home. Sometimes, it is before I jump on a zoom call. Sometimes, it is at the desk in my home office. At first, I felt like it was just another task, but now I welcome that alert as my sip of soul rest. It is saying to myself, “I’m taking care of you; I value you; I have your back.”

Easy words to say to a friend. Not so easy to say to ourselves.

This is a world of constant movement, sometimes chaos, overstimulation, and a barrage of information. We need breaks. We need connection. Sometimes that means taking a vacation, a PTO day, or time off during the holidays. Days when we can take a big long “drink” of rest. But in order to live a flourishing life everyday, fully present and in tune with ourselves and God, we need little practices that protect our souls.

When was the last time that you gave yourself soul rest? What words do you say to yourself before you go to bed? How often do you do a heart check to see how you are actually feeling?

Be kind to yourself today. Take a little “drink” of stillness as you pour out to others.

It will make you smile, help you let go and remind you that it’s okay to take a moment of rest.

For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish.

Jeremiah 31:11.


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