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Traces of Beauty

A smile given. A smile received. Both from one stranger to another.

A gift that matches my heart’s desire, an unspoken desire.

A delicious meal surrounded by majestic mountains.

A look of love from across the room.

A dance with my son.

All are traces of beauty given and received in the journey of life.

My mom is now 89 years old. And I have the honor and privilege to spend time with her. During

my last visit as we were sitting, reading and relaxing, she said to me:

“You leave beauty everywhere you go.”

Her words touched my heart and as the tears welled in my eyes, I could only respond with a “thank you.”

I have never seen that in myself and as she talked to me about it, I began to see how God has given me opportunities to touch others with His love, His care and His nurture.

Sometimes, because they may be able to receive from a human easier than God.

Over the years, my mom has helped me to see myself more clearly. She has mentored me my whole life with lessons of truth, healing, faith and legacy. I trust her completely, so I was able to receive her trace of beauty for me in that moment, a gift to my heart, mind and soul.

This gift, a “lens” of life, to intentionally leave traces of beauty all around is part of my new vision for a transitional season of life right now.

I can be thankful for her help to embrace my identity and wholeness. I can be grateful for the opportunity to work with creativity to help others and I can look for ways to spread generosity and love. Daily.

The traces are all around us.

They may be simple.

They may be sacrificial.

They may be time consuming.

They may be surprising.

They may be scrumptious!

But, they will always be BEAUTIFUL.

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Ecclesiastes 3:11


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