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Inflection Point

“With this year as an inflection point in your life, any acute challenge of your past will begin to fully melt away, any anxiety or stress caused by worry or fear may resurface as a temporary flicker, but ultimately has no place in your life anymore because of the great person you are marrying and the coming successes of the children you’ve brought up.”

This quote from my son’s Mother’s Day letter is now embedded in my heart and serves as a rudder in my life journey.

2022 ushered in my inflection point.

A year ago today, I was not engaged, I was still living in Austin and renting a condo. I had three of my children living with me and life was full and fast. I navigated it with tools I have learned over years of flourishing training and my faith walk. I was accustomed to juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. Life was good.

In the Fall of 2021, the shift began as I built a new home in Marble Falls, got engaged and gave bittersweet hugs to my two adult children as they moved to Colorado.

Little did I know as we welcomed in the new year, a change and turning point was waiting and anticipating a grand entrance into my life.

The Spring of 2022, I was in full planning mode for our upcoming wedding. My heart and soul were also preparing for this covenant, this new life, this partnership. I often felt in a flux emotionally as I had been single for 12 years. It was a slow progression of allowing myself to take risks, open up, be vulnerable, and trust in deep unconditional love and let go of what does not serve me.

A poignant weekend with my four adult children moved me closer to that inflection point. The end of March was our special weekend together, just the five of us. I planned dinners at our favorite restaurants, we explored Marble Falls, we played games, had coffee time, and enjoyed a new experience in the sensory deprivation tanks in Austin. One morning, I shared a reflection of our journey together over the past 12 years and honored each one for their beautiful contributions. It was a weekend full of memories. My children have been my power team. We ended our weekend with a fun barbeque with my fiancé and his son.

During this time I committed to myself to practice mindfulness each day. I allowed my heart to fully receive the gift of celebrations, the bridal shower, the happy hour and rehearsal festivities. I wanted to be connected on all cylinders. I was feeling the upward shift, similar to the climbing of a roller coaster. Click, click, click. I was filled with anticipation, butterflies.

Our wedding day arrived with a peaceful sunrise.

My children were staying with me and as we packed up and prepared for the day, we were all infused with joy and peace. Our children were our wedding party, my daughters, my maids of honor and my sons groomsmen to walk me down the aisle. My fiancé’s son, his best man. Our small and intimate wedding party served as the core for our celebration of marriage. We were in complete unity.

To me, the ceremony was the most important part of our wedding. We designed it to be a reflection of the power of faith, the practice of gratitude and the love of family and friends. The oneness of spirit was very evident in each and every moment.

It was time for the upward turn and shift.

I began to feel a rush and saturation of love I only experienced once before in my life, at the birth of my four children.

The energetic love grew stronger and stronger as we were presented as husband and wife, took photos, danced together and celebrated for hours! It was invigorating and beyond my wildest dreams. I knew I was on a new path going upward.

As I reflect on that day, I am still filled with awe and love, indescribable emotion.

It was my inflection point.

Exceeding, abundantly above all I asked or imagined!

Now to Him who is able to do superabundantly more than all that we dare ask or thin, infinitely beyond our greatest prayer, hopes, dreams, according to His power that is a work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Ephesians 3:20-21


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