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Enjoy the Chaos

When my quadruplets were born I created multiple tracking sheets. I tracked their weight as they were born premature. I tracked their eating, sleeping and everything in between.

My background as a teacher came in handy. I felt like I had my own little class. This structure gave us security and rhythm.

Until…they got sick.

Then every system was out the window and our days and nights were filled with the unknown of chaos. Eventually, healing came and the rhythm returned.

The memories of raising my children and the sort of chaos that visited us on a regular basis flooded my mind recently.

I remembered the Christmas dinner with extended family and the 11 grandchildren all within a year apart, in highchairs, crying at the same time.

Awe and total chaos.

I remembered the end of year party I hosted for 120 kindergarten children as the venue fell through the week prior. Lots of laughter and chaos.

I remembered the navigation of teaching four 15 year old’s how to drive all at once.

Fear and chaos.

After I transitioned to the empty nest, I embraced a new way of life as a single woman living alone. I enjoyed the order of my home and weekly work schedule and regular family dinners and celebrations. Chaos visited only once in a while.

As 2020 comes to a close, the word transition engulfs our family. And chaos came along side.

My daughter moved in for her recovery from a car accident, bringing along her newly adopted kitty!

My son is moving out of state soon and has an interim time without an apartment. He moved in as well.

My other daughter has applied to grad school for the Fall and as a transition, will move in as well with kitty number two!

As each room in my home fills (to overflowing) with my adult kids and their belongings and pets, all unplanned at the beginning of 2020, three words were planted in my mind:

Enjoy the Chaos.

Life is unpredictable. It does not always go according to plan. I can now embrace the unknown of chaos, the awe, the laughter, even the fear. I know from experience, it does not stay forever and the memories and moments of chaos can bring me joy and keep me living in the present moment.

No matter what that moment brings.

Refuse to worry about tomorrow but deal with each challenge that comes our way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself. Matthew 6:34


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