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Been denying your dreams?

Have you ever heard statements like these?

“Dream big!”

“I’m living the dream!”

“What is on your bucket list?”

When I hear these phrases, something inside of me longs for my dreams to come true. Afterall, being aware and believing that nothing is impossible stimulates hope and joy in the depths of my heart. I define hope as: Hang Onto Positive Expectation.

Last week, I was editing my memoir. There is a chapter in the book where I made a dream list. The year was 2014.

  • Travel to Israel

  • Write a book

  • Get a part-time job

  • Visit the orphanage in Africa again

  • Get certified in Applied Positive Psychology

Fast forward to the present moment, nine years later, and all of the above has been checked off the list except for Africa. Furthermore, 2016 stood as the year that most of these dreams were realized.

Since then, I have been challenged to make a list of 100 dreams! It took me several days to complete, but I allowed my mind and heart to write freely without questioning or analyzing the feasibility of each one. It was a freeing experience and noticeably increased my personal sense of well-being.

I created a short inventory of questions to evaluate if I am believing in or denying dreams.

Which of these are true for you?

I know A LOT can change in one year.

It is never too late to live happily ever after.

I am not qualified.

I don’t need a dream.

I’m fine.

Nothing is impossible.

I’m too old.

I’m too young.

I’ve made too many mistakes.

Have faith.

This little inventory challenged my thinking about dreams. There was a season in my life where the dreams I had made thus far were shattered. My marriage had failed after 22 years; I was alone and felt hopeless. Little by little I began to heal. The little dreams I dared to believe in started to become a part of my reality almost as if I had spoken them into existence by the sheer force of my faith. I started a new life in Austin; I became a certified life coach. I allowed myself to look forward to the future with a steady mustard seed of growth. It has been a process and a journey.

Now, I savor those fulfilled dreams and use that energy to fuel the hope in my present aspirations and desires. I then keep my eyes open for opportunities that may reveal a pathway to that seemingly impossible dream.

As we enter into the summer season, make a dream list. Tuck it in your heart and wait expectantly and joyfully, while still doing your best to relish in contentment for the present. Life can be a joyful journey full of surprises! If your dreams have been shattered in the past, know that hope is never lost. Dare to believe in just one dream, and “never ever ever give up” on it.

Nothing is impossible with God.

Luke 1:37


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