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Tools to Thrive

I noticed a work van as I walked to my car the other day.

There was a man welding inside his van surrounded by multitudes of tools, large and small and connected to a power source.

I thought to myself; “Wow, he has all the tools he needs right at his fingertips and as he moves from one job to another.

Last week, I begin to count how many well-being tools I used during the weekend of my quadruplets 24th birthday.

As the list grew to ten, I realized I had my “toolbelt” on as I navigated my life path, the invisible “toolbelt” of positive psychology practices, meditations, exercises and strategies that build positive emotion and well-being.

I embraced a sense of AWE as my daughter and I rode our bikes in the Garden of the Gods amidst the majestic rock formations, gorgeous trees and greenery.

My favorite and most used tool of mindfulness allowed me to be in each moment fully present without judgement, taking it all into my heart.

Then I picked up the tool of gratitude and savoring which I am using every day since our trip!

It was not a surprise to me how refreshed, uplifted and fulfilled I felt after our weekend.

In the past, I would have more of a linear perspective of why I felt refreshed. Now, I know it is intentional and a choice I make daily to grab a tool and use it and share tools with my loved ones.

When I need a power tool I use it without hesitation. I’ve memorized how to use some and I am still adding new ones to my belt.

The beautiful truth to this rhythm is I can welcome life, no matter what it brings. I am not a victim of circumstances or others life choices.

The tools support a life of empowerment and confidence and I can just be me.

I can trust my tools because they are backed by scientific research and are tried and proven.

And at the end of the day, I deeply rest.

My tools help me thrive!

One day at a time.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life.

2 Peter 1:3

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