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Plan A. Plan B. then Plan C.

It is a way of life now.

The silver lining in a time of uncertainty is to enjoy every simple pleasure and each experience fully present, because it may not come around again soon.

I am trying to take nothing for granted.

As I make plans for work, family and myself I have been noticing my initial plan has not come to pass for at least the past four months.

I shift into plan B, a bit frustrated, but eventually settle into that plan and enjoy the experience.

Now, I automatically create a plan A and a plan B for everything, knowing I have it in case the world shifts and changes.

No more frustration, just a new rhythm of life.

I let go of the tight grip on plans and hold them open handed so as to allow them to become malleable.

And recently, I added plan C to the mix.

I have been planning the celebration of my quadruplets 24th birthday.

I made plan A with my sister for a visit to Colorado Springs. After a couple of weeks, I created my plan B and made a decision to drive.

Then, I intuitively felt to make a plan C. I began exploring options and let it be.

One week later, we implemented plan C.

It was actually quite exciting to see how it all came together as I sought wisdom and listened to my intuition.

It built my faith to know and trust in God as He promises to lead and guide our paths in life.

Every big path.

Every little path.

What fascinates me is the fact that I do not always know the reason why to change the plan.

I choose to trust.

It doesn’t seem to make sense at first, but as time progresses, I sometimes see the reason, others times I don’t.

My gratitude meditation reminds me to practice being thankful for all the things I may have been spared from.

This new rhythm of life has taught me to move forward with this alternate perspective, not anchoring my contentment, peace and security in one expected outcome.

I have always valued planning, but now, I value the process of life paths and feel stronger in my confidence to lead and navigate according to the flexibility and trust in myself and my faith.

The lessons come to me in the process.

This is not always comfortable for me emotionally, but it is helping me grow, thrive and become more and more resilient!

Each of which is a core value.

And part of the legacy I want to leave for my four 24 year old’s!

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.

Psalm 143:8

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