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Mini-Mind Maps

Create momentum.

Build confidence .

Close my day with accomplishment.

Be proud and smile!

These are the heartfelt benefits of mind mapping.

I was introduced to the power of mind mapping during my positive psychology program.

I love to organize, make lists and plan.

Mind mapping allows me to “empty” all the ideas, visions and thoughts and tasks on paper in a creative way.

I draw a circle around the goal, job or project and draw spokes with specific steps or related ideas. I prioritize each and begin to navigate through each task.

I started to make mind maps for each month this year with a theme picture for each month. As time progressed, I made weekly maps, work project maps, family time maps.

When the pandemic swept across the globe, I found myself making new creative mind maps for the first two weeks.

Then I hit a wall and experienced more fatigue, digital overwhelm, lack of motivation and felt so isolated I could not access my creativity.

I decided to try making daily mini-mind maps.

It was especially fun because I drew a variety of shapes and figures in the center with the spokes coming outward to hold the tasks or activities.

I simply wrote it on a post it note or a file card and put a check mark through them when completed.

I allowed myself to do them in any order I wanted, checking in with myself to see how I was feeling along the way.

Today I had eight small tasks. It kept me focused and in the present moment.

Writing a blog was on the mini mind map! I included laundry, phone calls, a workout, coaching clients and I purposely added one fun activity.

This little practice has become a habit and I love feeling the satisfaction of showing up and moving forward.

It is also building my self-regulation.

This is a season to celebrate and acknowledge every little step in the midst of strength and in the midst of weakness.

I love my mini-mind maps! They actually make me happy!

An unexpected benefit.

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For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

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