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The Ocean Presence

Holidays on Monday are fun!

We decided to do our own family 20/20 Vision board workshop during Martin Luther King Day.

This time, I got to do my own vision board with my family! It struck me to see my 2018 board with the picture of an ocean and my words:

Writing my book at a beach house.

My vision became a reality twice in 2019. I opened the year writing on the beach and closed the year while writing on the beach. I am thankful for the power of visualization! I reaped the harvest from the "vision" seeds planted in 2018.

As I reminisced my beach writing in December, I savored how I felt the ocean bringing my heart freedom. It helped me to be fully present with me.

I became clear to me that this time alone is vital to my overall health and well-being. It is a time to let my mind be free, listen to my soul without tasks, outside expectations and conversation.

I discovered the ocean is truly my “happy place”, my safe, refreshing and restorative companion.

I never got tired of the music the ocean sang, a rhythmic, constant presence, never ending voice of consistency.

The waves have power to cleanse, to re-shape, mold, destroy and move earth.

They claim their territory by a fierce push or a steady smooth and unending transforming blanket.

One day was full of clouds, rain and crashing waves. The next day was low tide, silent waves, smooth as glass, peaceful and slow with an umbrella of blue sky and sunshine.

Just like life.

Our Earth reflects the realities and rhythms of life, the ups and downs, the unpredicability.

I think that is why I am compelled to be in the present moment, receiving each day independently, knowing it can all change with a new sunrise.

My prayer is to be able to receive this day fully, wholeheartedly with gratitude and joy.

He caused the storm to be still, so that the waves of the sea were hushed.

Psalm 107:29

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