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Fresh Trails of Adventure

When I announced I was going on a Harley motorcycle ride, everyone’s head turned, conversation stopped and shock appeared on everyone’s faces.

It was apparent to me that I was not really seen as the adventurous type, this clearly being a surprise to my friends.

Most of my life I was the careful one, evaluating risk and leaning on the safe and secure side of the spectrum.

I have been a single mom of quadruplets for 10 years.

As I navigated this path, I developed a system of evaluating risk, planning with responsibility and wanting my family safe and secure, building a foundation of trust.

I weighed every event, and carefully planned our trips and activities. We made memories together that will last a life time.

As my children grew into adulthood, I noticed each one developing their own system to navigate life, develop responsibility and security.

I became the support instead of the lead.

They are 23 years old now, and living their own individual lives of adventure.

And so am I.

Renting a Harley for a day was out of character for me and clearly out of my comfort zone.

The man in my life is full of adventure. He loves the outdoors, and has been riding motorcycles since age 18. It was his birthday, and the ride was our celebration.

I had butterflies of excitement swirling in my stomach, but I also had trust.

I felt protected, listened to and respected. I felt blessed by God to have an opportunity to step into a day of pure “fun.”

It was a fresh trail of adventure to see the Texas Hill Country from a different perspective.

It was a fresh trail of adventure for my heart to allow my adventurous side to rise up and to receive being taken care of.

A fresh kind of freedom.

Freedom to live life wholeheartedly with joy.

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

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