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Trust Muscles

I have a protocol for building physical muscle.

I was taught to focus on one or two particular muscle groups and rotate my workouts to strengthen my entire body.

One set at a time.

The cycles are repeated two to three days per week and over time, results are noticeable.

Then I can add more challenging weights or exercises.

If the workout is too strenuous, the result can be a pulled muscle or major injury.

Then a new protocol is created to help the body recover.

Slowly but surely, the new protocol leads to healing and the workouts return to the original rhythm.

I recently created a protocol for myself to build my trust-muscles.

Earlier in life, I could trust easily. I was “trust toned.”

As life progressed with challenges, heartbreak, trauma and relational mountains, I noticed my trust in others was not easy anymore.

It was extremely difficult. Even trusting myself was hard as I began to second guess decisions and labor over transition and change.

My recovery protocol was to build a wall around my heart others had to climb in order to prove they were trustworthy.

Although my heart was protected, it was not free.

I wanted to be “trust toned” again.

My protocol began with reframing fear and self-doubt thoughts of mistrust.

It continued with soul food: music, nature, faith, rest and fun.

It went to another level with steps out of my heart comfort zone.

Slowly, but surely, the wall came down and recovery took place.

I am careful to not overdo the protocol expecting too much of myself.

Now, when I look in the mirror, I see a “trust toned” woman with a heart open to the new adventures of life, love and dreams!


One protocol.

One set at a time.

I will trust in Him and not be afraid. The Lord God is my strength and my song; He has given me victory. Isaiah 12:2

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