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I sat enthralled as I listened to the love story of my grandfather and grandmother.

My mom shared how each had been forbidden to marry because of religious prejudice, married other people and after one divorce and one spouses' death, they reunited and were married 65 years. My grandfather sent my grandmother a postcard on his honeymoon!

I had heard bits and pieces of the story before, but now as I was able to sit with my mom without distraction, I heard every detail.

Over several days, I listened to stories of her growing up and the political events and parties when my grandfather ran for governor.

I heard the painful details of her early marriage with my dad and the challenges they faced. I learned about friends who overcame unsurmountable injuries and stories of neighbors lives.

Sharing stories opened our hearts and bonded us. The stories gave me new insight and perspective toward history and opened my mind to the vastness of human experience and the resilience of human nature. Everyone has a story.

I felt like I received a gift.

The downtime set aside to be together and visit, renewed my confidence to continue to share stories.

As I meet new people, I can simply ask about their story and look forward to the bonding and friendship that grows through storytime, a rare gift indeed.

Jesus always used stories and illustrations like these when speaking to the crowds.

Matthew 13:34

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