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Walk Slow Go Farther

As a young girl, I always took things slowly. Whenever we would go swimming, I would ease into the pool very slowly. I never jumped in lakes or pools, I had to really think about what I was doing and progress in a manner in which I felt comfortable.

Later in life, when I decided to run a marathon, I progressed in my training with a slow and steady pace. My goal was to build endurance first, pace was secondary.

As part of my mindful, self-compassion training, I learned this quote:

“Walk slow, go farther.”

Saying this phrase resonated with me because I felt I have lived my life taking each role, each task, and each challenge, slowly. I viewed this as more of a weakness and felt I needed to “increase my pace” in order to feel accomplished and “successful.” I felt a constant internal pressure to make an impact and leave a worthwhile legacy.

At the present moment, I am instructed to walk very slow, literally walk very slow, because I have a fractured foot. It occurred to me, the literal walking slow in my life right now coincides with the truth:

“To take life in (fully), I need to slow down.”

I can see the little joys and beauties I would have never noticed by sprinting through life.

As I ponder and wrestle with this truth, I feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. I am choosing to welcome each day with a new sense of joy and acceptance.

I can take slow steps helping me to go farther. I am building endurance and able to notice the truths and revelations of life. Some of them may only present themselves once.

And now, I appreciate those feelings as a young girl knowing they were in alignment with what works best for me moving me to fulfill my destiny. This is a part of my legacy.

I welcome each day with: “Walk slow, go farther.”

Being strengthened with all power and according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience. Colossians 1:11

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