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Invite Stillness

I remember the stillness of the early morning when my kids were babies. It was the 3:00 am feeding and I held each one, rocking them, one after the other ,until all were back to sleep.

I distinctly remember the peace transcending my mind and heart.

As I rose this morning before sunrise and looked across the hill country, the same peace filled my soul.

Alone time and silence have tremendous benefits. As an introvert, I have practiced alone time and stillness regularly as it is my way to recharge and refresh.

I came across the science based research through our family book club on the benefits of alone time. 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do by Amy Morin

Moderate alone time is good for kids: 1997 study found kids less likely to exhibit behavioral problems, scored lower on depression rating scales and had higher grade point averages.

  • Solitude at the office can increase productivity.

  • Alone time can increase your empathy.

  • Spending time alone sparks creativity.

  • Solitary skills are good for mental health.

  • Solitude offers restoration.

These benefits have inspired me to invite stillness into more areas of my life. I use my alone time to reflect on goals or make new ones. I pay attention to my feelings or journal. I have chosen to drive in silence and listen to my own thoughts and go for my walks without my cell phone.

For the next season in my life, I am replacing the frantic pace and loud noise with a practice of quiet silence.

The main benefit for me: peace of mind and heart.

In quietness and confidence is your strength.

Isaiah 30:15

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