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Finding Loving Kindness

The holiday season wraps us in greetings, cards and celebrations. It is a time to extend specific phrases to others all through our day, without a thought of judgment.

As the season ends, our gracious greetings fall away.

I have just completed an 8 week course in Self-Compassion. One of the components in self compassion is self-kindness.

We created loving kindness phrases for ourselves and others. It is a very powerful and simple practice.

I asked myself this question:

What would I delight in hearing right now? I listened deeply to my heart. What do I need to hear in my joyful and painful moments?

I wrote down the phases, read them aloud, recorded them and listen to them often, writing new ones as I navigate life. It is a treasure of love and an gift to myself.

We also practiced loving kindness phrases for others. I have learned to pause, see all who are in my vision and say:

May you have peace and be free from suffering.”

As I drive, as I sit in airports, as I wait for a meeting to start, enjoy a family dinner, work event, anytime I am in public, I silently spread loving kindness.

I have found, the more I practice loving kindness for myself, the more I give to others.

I call it my silent gift of well-being. It is the intention of the heart that opens the door to receive love.

Love heals and love never fails.

I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore, I have drawn you with loving kindness.

Jeremiah 31:3

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