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Tune into my five senses

Walk in nature

Fully embrace the beauty and intricate details of what is around me

These words describe our Sense and Savor walk during our Flourish Weekend retreat in Fredericksburg, Texas. We gathered outside in the wide open ranch land, first thing in the morning and sensed and savored nature for 15 minutes.

I noticed the tiny details of a blade of wheat, the deep curves and thick bark on a tree, the shimmery rock beneath my feet. I breathed in the cool air, looked up and noticed 4 different shades of blue in the sky and then the beautifully crafted yellow petals of a flower.

This is a mindfulness practice. We walked slowly, gave ourselves permission to receive the gifts nature had available to our hearts and souls. Our emotions were free to be.

On Monday morning, I decided to go for another walk in my neighborhood and brought my dog along. I smiled as I tuned in to the fact that Peyton (my dog) was really good at sensing and savoring! I allowed him to stop, smell, explore and enjoy nature. It came natural to him.

I enjoyed our walk on a much deeper level.

I asked myself; “How can I make this come natural to me? What is nature saying to me that I miss because I am rushing around trying to do so many tasks? Can I plan for a 5 to 10 minute mindfulness practice several times a week?”

I noticed I was calm all day, I was intentional and focused in my work and I felt joy. I felt connected to myself and peaceful. My experience is reinforced by the science of mindfulness. It lowers anxiety, boosts our immune system, lowers heart rate and increases productivity.

I could see the gifts.

Mindfulness sharpened my eyes.

Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them, let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.

Psalm 96: 12

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