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Around the Bend

My home is nestled among rolling hills in Austin. I have been exploring the neighborhood since my move a few months ago.

I added fitness walking to my exercise routine. I challenge myself to run the hills and walk the roads. I notice how energized I am as I notice the beautiful sky, blooming trees, flowers, cactus, the homes, and even deer!

I decided to take one day week to do a longer loop around the area. I wasn’t sure how far it was, but had a glimpse of the overall route. I set off early and walked and walked. After I passed my normal turn around, I looked ahead and saw a very long upward hill. I felt I had miscalculated the route and it was a lot farther than I had expected. I turned around, a bit disappointed, but knew I had increased my distance and told myself I was playing it safe.

I got in my car to drive the route and get accurate mileage, so I could plan to build up to the challenge. As I drove the route, I was greatly surprised, as around the bend, close to where I had turned around, was the intersection back home.

What I had seen was the connecting highway going above the road. It was not visible from where I was, an illusion. To top it off, the mileage around the loop matched the mileage I had done.

Immediately, when I saw the intersection, I heard my inner voice, “How often do I turn around in life, thinking I cannot do “it”, when a turning point is just around the bend?”

Do I focus too much on trying to see the future path, calculating the risk, the investment, or playing it “safe”, to the point that it erodes my trust in God and myself?

A week later, I did the loop!

Lesson learned.

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9.

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