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Take Courage

It takes courage to take a midterm for two hours prior to surgery while fasting food and water for 12 hours.

It takes courage to move to a big city and create a life.

It takes courage to fight in a war to protect your country.

It takes courage to sing in front of a large audience.

It takes courage to travel abroad for 6 weeks alone.

It takes courage to fight a battle with cancer.

I have been taking note of the ways I see courage exemplified in my adult children, friends and colleagues. I am in awe of the multiple ways they show courage without even realizing it. It is easy for me to recognize them and honor them as they show bravery, perseverance and boldness. Courageous people are all around us.

Then I heard a still, small voice inside me saying: “How have you shown courage?”

The question made me very uncomfortable and I simply wanted to ignore it and keep my focus on others.

BUT…I know my passion for giving tools for well-being applies to all beings…including me. It is healing for me to acknowledge the courage within me as I walk my path in life, past, present, future. I began to see the thread of courage in multiple ways: motherhood, entrepreneur, empty nester and writer.

I thought I could be courageous after I conquered the nagging fear in my heart and soul.

I understand now courage is moving forward when I have fear. It is not the absence of fear. It is strength in the face of fear, pain or grief.

Acknowledge and celebrate COURAGE.

Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord.

Psalm 31:24

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