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Need To Recharge Your Batteries?

Try self-compassion.

Self-compassion is like a cozy blanket being wrapped around you on a chilly night.

It is like a warm breeze blowing in your face as you sit on the beach and listen to the waves.

I was reminded of the power of self-compassion over the last few weeks. I teach others how to use this powerful tool to help them flourish and tell myself I am preaching to the choir.

How do I actually practice self-compassion?

It begins with listening to my body, mind and soul. It begins with noticing myself, not in an arrogant or boastful way, in a tender, sensitive way I would notice a friend in need.

What am I saying to myself? Would I say those words to a family member or spouse?

My words can build up or tear down. Why not fill my reservoir with love, joy, peace, forgiveness and strength instead of self-judgement, comparison and criticism?

Self-compassion is a way of emotionally recharging our batteries so we can give to others and move forward.

I choose to use this tool today by simply choosing one or two replenishing activities, such as: writing or speaking affirmations to myself, resting, taking a mindful walk (barefoot) or praying, all followed by an acknowledgment of my steps forward.


To acquire wisdom is to love oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper. Proverbs: 19:8

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