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Love First

The Heart Shoppe. It was my favorite store in Old Town, a unique shopping area in New Mexico where I grew up.

I collected any and all things heart shaped from my young days to adulthood. I was drawn to the heart shape everything and never got tired of it. I had heart shaped boxes, jewelry, paper, pillows, hearts on clothing, pencils and paper. It reminded me of love.

Maybe it was symbolic of my life call to be sensitive to matters of the heart in my family, career and work as a coach and mentor.

In January, the social talk is about change, goals, vision. Then comes February and it’s all about love. I believe love and change go hand in hand.

I have witnessed several displays of love over the last week and I am reminded of two truths: Love is the essence of change. True change is powered by love.

I noticed a heartfelt hug given to a friend upset in a relationship. No word was spoken, just a comforting display of love. Emotions calmed down, thoughts were heard and change happened. The lesson for me: Hug over words.

A friend of mine has been struggling with past wounds and triggers and has experienced healing through a presence of steady love. Loving eye contact and support lays the foundation for love to be received and bring change.

It is tempting for me to dish out advice, critiques, analyze, share wisdom and experience FIRST, then be there to love and support, but I am convinced it is the opposite.

Love can seep into the heart and soul and touch areas in need of healing, areas words cannot access. This healing then brings back strength and strength empowers change. Love also increases the desire to change because there are no performance based assessments, it all love. As this process continues, we can live free and we can live loved.

I want February to be the month I can look for opportunities to love FIRST. I want to notice and show gratitude for all who constantly show me love, love that has empowered me to change, let go and live free.

And I still love heart shaped everything!

And now these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest is love.

I Corinthians 13:13

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