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It is rare I get to spend time in the mountains for a weekend. I love the Fall and feel so refreshed and connected to God when I behold the vibrant gold trees and majestic snowcapped mountains.

My sister planned a mini-vacation for us in Crested Butte.

We were enthralled in the beauty of nature as we drove up through the Colorado country.

My daughter is an avid hiker and researched the possible trails.

I am not an experienced hiker, but love the outdoors and enjoy new experiences with my family.

We decided to hike Crested Butte, a condensed version appropriate for our various hiking levels and time constraints.

The altitude was my first challenge as I noticed my breathing and heartbeat. I got used to the trail and we all separated according to our own pace. At one point, I found myself off trail staring at solid rock. I felt a tinge of anxiety, but remembered other times of physical challenge and forged back to reconnect to the trail.

The climb to the summit was all rock, very steep and narrow. I knew some were already there but could not see them. As I reached the top, I was cheered and welcomed to a breathtaking view.

Later, as we all gathered together to savor our experience, my sister said; “You are stronger than you think”.

I summited. This is a term often used in hiking, a new one for me.

As we drove home, I wondered; How often do I underestimate my strength and ability?”

How can I see myself more clearly?

I want to allow others to speak into my life and help me say:

“I summited!”

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

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