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The Blue Sapphire

When the days become shaky and my heart is restless, I need HOPE.

When dreams seem to fade and I see a storm approaching, I need hope.

When change challenges my core beliefs and I struggle with truth,

I need hope.

When I am stepping out of my comfort zone into a fresh and inviting presence, I want hope.

Hope and change walk hand in hand. They support and hold one another. One propels and one moves.

I have found change can usher in hope and hope can initiate change.

I have a daily reminder of hope. Underneath my diamond, in a safe setting is a blue sapphire. The designer of my engagement ring, purposely set this blue sapphire as a symbol of HOPE. It can be seen from the front and back, but does not take the forefront.

The beauty of the diamond reminds me of love and value.

And with that, my fiance’ knew I would need a tangible symbol to HOPE that brings healing to past loss and is a stepping stone to freedom and joy, pure joy.

It is an added symbol, supporting the symbol of love and promise.

The world is full of symbols, signs and messages that remind us to live vibrantly. It is God’s design. We need those as small anchors and truths to our purpose. They help us share love, give hope and comfort those in our path that are suffering and need us. And sometimes, we ourselves can be that “blue sapphire”. A symbol of HOPE.

And may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him. Romans: 15:14

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