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New Milestones

It is 21 years X 4.

A milestone birthday for my children…adults.

We are part of a family that values tradition, celebrations and seizes the opportunity to love on the younger members of the family.

As tradition would have it, we all gathered at our cabin in Red River, NM, in August this year. Normally it is June. This change gave us the opportunity to honor my quadruplets on their 21st birthday.

We had a “21” themed evening. We cooked a special dinner. We spoke 21 affirmations for each one of the kids. We sang and they blew out 21 candles on 21 cupcakes. We had a champagne toast to cheer the beauty and individuality of each one.

I realized how God arranges time and events in order to bring about a rare blessing. As we celebrated, I observed a unique love that permeated the room and the hearts of everyone present. I was amazed at the openness and ease of this time together.

It was not a super plan, or even a detailed plan. It just came about as if it was already a rhythm.

I expressed my gratitude to all present, that just as we celebrated birthday number 1 in 1997, they have all contributed to the miracle of life in my children. The fruit of their labor is now shared with others.

I found myself more emotional and teary this birthday. I felt a deep intensity toward the true value of life and how short it really is. It took me a week or so to fully process this milestone and to come to a place of peace and rest with new paths and my role as a mother of four 21 year olds.

I continue to pursue my passion to pour into the younger generation, whenever and wherever I have the opportunity, an investment in the well-being of our world- priceless.

Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us.

Ephesians: 3:20 (family theme scripture since kids birth)

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