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Who Can I Bless Today?

I cherish opportunities to talk to my mom. She joined us a few weeks ago for my son’s college graduation.

We were visiting in my living room and discussing life. She shared her “wake up” prayer each day.

Who can I bless today?

It struck me. I have been thinking about this wakeup prayer every day since that conversation. I normally begin my day with quiet time and journaling. I noticed my focus is more on how I can live better, think better and areas I need resolve rather than how I can bless others. The overall focus is ME.

I want to shift and embrace a new mindset, one motivated by a heart driven desire to live daily life looking for avenues to bless others.

How do I do this?

This past Sunday, more related insights came my way:

Find ways to connect with people who have needs.

Walk slowly through the crowds.

I love the encouragement to walk slowly. It brings a new sense of peace and intention to daily living. It is not the norm today as our culture rushes about from task to task, event to event. Nevertheless, it is a universal need in all humanity to be noticed and valued. Maybe today, I can bless that one soul in need.

When he saw the crowds, he was deeply moved with compassion for them, they were troubled and helpless. Matthew 9:36

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