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Enjoy the Ride

May 10th, I read my inspiration for the day entitled, “Go for the Ride”.

The message was one of encouragement saying the road of life is sometimes smooth and paved, easy riding, other times it may get rough and bumpy, seemingly without an end. But all the time, I can trust I am on my path. And who knows that one particular ride could be the ride of my life! I can choose to enjoy, relax my shoulders and look around. I don’t have to ignore the bumps and curves just keep going, slow down but do not stop. Accept my journey.

Unbeknown to me, the evening of May 10th would be a surprise marriage proposal!

Four days later was Mother’s Day. My loved ones gave me a “new” bike. It is an old style cruiser, just my style and color.

Four days later, we received an engagement gift from my sister. It was a coffee mug featuring a picture of a cruiser bike just like mine on the front saying:

“Life is a beautiful Ride”.

Life has unique ways of speaking to us, messages that resonate to the deep longings of the heart and soul. Transformational truths to help us live wholeheartedly and fully receive all the gifts and beauty around us.

And yes..I am full of joy and gratitude for this RIDE.

In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice.

Psalm 54:4

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