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Creativity and Calm

I am learning to write personal essays. I signed up for a class and attended last Saturday.

As a former teacher, I fully embraced the classroom setting and felt “at home”. I love writing and have been wanting to move forward and begin another book. I needed a framework to begin and time in my schedule.

I wanted to attend, but have had a very demanding schedule for the past two months, less sleep, squeezed in downtime, and a high sense of pressure. I was having a hard time getting my mind to slow down and “unclutter”. My normal daily practices to bring calmness and “space” to my mind and soul were waning.

As I entered the class (early of course) I prayed I could be fully present. As we discussed the essays and processed questions and learned the nature and structure of personal narratives, I felt a warm peace wash over me. My soul took a deep breath and the clutter disappeared.

I turned to a clean sheet of paper and the creative ideas began to flow. I wrote the titles of several personal essays and as the class progressed I made notes for each one. I was in the flow again and filled with energy and happiness.

As I walked out of the class, across campus and to my car, the world looked different. I could notice all the beauty, bask in the sunlight and move forward with calm intention.

I connected to my creative self. I made time for her to be seen and felt. I realized my creativity is a gift to be protected, a vital way for me to embrace whole hearted living.

Do not neglect the gift you have..practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress. 1 Timothy 4:14-15

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