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What does it mean to FLOURISH?

How do you define LIFE?

These were two questions asked to me in the past week.

A life with purpose.

A life not ruled by fear.

Knowing the barriers that block our life flow.

Well-being and happiness.

Peace and calm.


These describe “ZOE”. A flourishing life given by God.

My training as a practitioner in positive psychology was from the Flourishing Center in NYC. My Flourishing Skills groups are meeting each week. Our Flourish Weekends are offered two times a year. My mission is to use my strengths to inspire and encourage others to thrive and flourish.

With that being said, I really need to be able to define, describe and communicate what it really means to flourish!

I am learning through my own ups and downs in life, the ebb and flow of emotions and the rhythm of relationships, to embrace a flourishing life begins with believing it is FOR me, attainable, sustainable, fun and REAL.

The integration of positive practices such as gratitude, savoring, mediation, forgiveness, visualization, strengths, habit change, and many more, all drop seeds of ZOE into the soil of life. They grow to produce a vast and nourishing harvest of well-being and happiness that we can share with our world.

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree, he shall grow like the cedar in Lebanon.

Psalm 92:12

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