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Celebration Time!

Over the past three weeks, I have attended six birthday parties. One was for my nephew turning one, and another for a dear friend turning 50!

Each one was significant and lovely. Each one called for a gathering of people to focus and love on the birthday “queen” or “king”.

I love how birthdays give us the permission to celebrate ourselves! We are allowed to ask for a special cake, or a menu of choice. It is affirming to our identity and our presence on Earth to be acknowledged and celebrated.

I have taken note of how the rituals vary per individual. My family of origin did birthdays BIG. And I followed this ritual with my quadruplets. They each had their own cake and their own birthday song. The parties were truly an event and often a topic of conversation as we reminisce the themes and details. And the planning continues…

Some friends are not used to being the center of attention and have not had the experience of being celebrated. For them, it is a new thing and feels different. It takes adjustment and can be an ongoing healing experience.

It is my goal to attend all birthday celebrations and write a “gift of words” to the recipient. We practice this birthday ritual in CC4C, our non-profit, for each volunteer. It is powerful and fun!

A friend shared with me recently that people seem to rarely have time to meet and just talk. “Everyone is so busy and in so many activities”.

In a world connected through technology, it is becoming challenging to be available for each other face to face. I see the power of words of affirmation and presence to be a priceless gift we can give one another.

It has been a constant source of refreshment in my life, and it is my desire to pass along this value to the next generation.

'Now this day will be a memorial to you, and you shall celebrate it as a feast to the LORD; throughout your generations you are to celebrate it as a permanent ordinance. Exodus 12:14

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