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You Are a Gift

You Are a Gift

How does it feel to be told:

“You are a gift”?

I recently told my son he is a gift to the world as he creates and encourages vision and order in peoples’ lives and embraces new opportunities with confidence.

Shortly after, I read: “You are a gift." This caught my attention. I stopped and began to really think on this and felt the positive emotion broaden and build.

When my kids were young teens we did an assessment on the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and discovered how to best show love to one another. This was very helpful for me in raising quadruplets and seeing how each one is uniquely created. One daughter's number one way to receive love is through gifts. Her first question after I traveled: What did you bring me? I enjoyed picking gifts for her because it made her happy and made her feel loved in the way SHE needed.

We can give gifts that are physical, we can give the gift of gratitude through speaking or writing to others expressing they are gifts in our lives. This reinforces their value. It affirms their core identity of being a person who matters and a person that is wanted and SEEN. It reframes the critical self- talk and mind chatter that sets us up for comparison. And comparison is the thief of all happiness.

The world is full of people gifts; all sizes, shapes and colors.

Tell yourself you are a gift. Look in the mirror and appreciate your contribution to your family, friends and colleagues. Keep reinforcing the gift of being you, and allow the love and joy to spillover and touch others so they realize and embrace the beauty of living and see themselves as gifts. It can be contagious!

Nourish your heart and soul with the truth and began watch your life flourish.

YOU: my family, friends, clients, colleagues, business partners and social media connections are a gift to me!

I am deeply grateful for you! You fill my life with beauty and joy! Thank you.

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