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Redesign Your Life

I wanted to be a fashion designer at one point in my life. I wanted to be an interior designer at one point in my life. I am creative at heart. This creativity came forth in my life in a surprising way.

My college kids and I have a book club every Sunday called Designing Your Life. The book is written by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans with the purpose to build a well-lived, JOYFUL life.

I am now in the business of re-designing my life and my business with each new season. I am passionate about helping others find their design, touch up their design or re-design their lives with practical tools.

Each new season whether it be a physical, or emotional, mental, or a professional new season brings challenges and changes. As I learn to reframe my mind chatter and make choices to learn, I see the positive aspects of the new season more clearly. I notice the areas I can be grateful for and this induces joy and energy for life, even in the “winter” seasons.

My coaching business has been built one step at a time. This is also my motto for parenting my quadruplets. Just look at today and live it to the fullest.

I value the process. After seven years of building my business, I have created a new design. I was challenged with the technical aspects of this project and trusted those who offered help and expertise. That is part of my learner path.

My NEW website is ready to launch and I am excited to share my mission and vision in a way that is inviting and warm.

This re-design is a personal reflection of my heart and my confidence to walk my path as a business woman and life coach.

My question to my clients is: what do you want your design to look like in the end? Let’s take the first step forward….

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

Abraham Lincoln

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