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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and has been my whole life. I savor the season, the decorations and the pumpkin recipes. Most of all, I look forward to a time with our very large family gathering together to share our lives, laugh and worship. We come together every year in Austin and plan our Thanksgiving meal. Over the years we have developed traditions of each member specializing in a dish to share. I always make the sweet potatoes and now have a tradition of making a special sweet cream for coffee and homemade cranberry sauce. We all fall into a rhythm of cooking and talking and encouraging one another. My brother has taken over the homemade eggnog since my dad passed away. The traditions continue from one generation to the next. We had four generations represented this year! I practiced my mindfulness to be present and “in the moment” and allow this holiday come to its fulness. The yearly traditions bring security, value and joy into our family and leave a heritage of blessing and love.