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The Tapestry

Now that I am an empty nester, I have been reorganizing and decorating my guest rooms. I pulled out a tapestry blanket to display and thought back to the moment in time I received it. The quadruplets had just been born and it was given as a gift for the boys room. I noticed that the back side of the tapestry was a blurred picture of the side I could clearly see. It seemed tangled and chaotic and not fit for display. But, as I turned it over, I was pleased to see a beautiful picture and displayed it with pride for all to see.

In my younger years, I was busy building my career as a teacher and then focused on starting a family, which was no small feat. Once I was blessed with children, I was focused and dedicated to do all I could to raise them with faith, love and a foundation they could stand on their whole life. This was the greatest responsibility and privilege I was given. All through the years I was not even aware of the tapestry I was weaving. All the good and poor choices, successes and failures, joys and sorrows, victories and defeats. My life forward through the years has many twists and turns and reflected many “colors” of life. At times, it seemed that it was just a tangled web and then at times I would see a pattern and a picture forming.