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Calling Out Strengths

If someone tells you three strengths and one weakness, what will you focus on after? Most likely, it will be the weakness.

During my positive psychology training we completed a character strengths assessment. The results showed my top 5 signature strengths and a total of 25. We read descriptions of each strength and practiced approaching challenges or problems using our strengths. It was a refreshing approach. We did not focus on “fixing” our weaknesses, we equipped ourselves to use our strengths like a deck of cards: which one can I pull out to help in a given situation?

As a result of this self- awareness, I have learned to call out the strengths of others. During conversations about life, it is an opportunity to notice strengths. It is empowering. We expect to hear of our weaknesses. I find that people respond in surprise, some smile, some are uncomfortable and some say thank you. At the end of the day, I may note in my gratitude journal my strengths of the day. The best way to be a natural at calling out the strengths of others is to do it for myself building a positive and automatic response system in daily life.

We have different gifts according to the grace given to each of us.

Romans 12:6

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