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Rhythm of Life

There are certain things that speak directly to my soul. Music is one of them. The power of rhythm in music can transform my mood and calm my entire being.

It is the same with running. I have enjoyed running for over 10 years now. I participated in one marathon and several half marathons. The training process brought a rhythm to my life. I loved it. I would lose myself in the constant pace and experience flow for long periods of time. It was an activity I chose just for me to enjoy and it brought unexpected benefits to my life.

I have been contemplating the natural rhythms of life we experience every day. The earth has a rhythm. The seas have a rhythm. Our bodies have a rhythm. Our heart has a rhythm. We establish holiday rhythms, the work life rhythms, sleep rhythms, recreation and spiritual rhythms of worship and rest. Some we plan for and some are constants in our lives no matter what we do.

The challenge for me comes when new and unexpected events, people, opportunities and problems present themselves in my life. Suddenly my secure rhythms are interrupted. My sense of control is challenged and I feel like I am in a whirlwind. I am tempted to make a judgment on this event, person or opportunity. I struggle to ground my feet and regain balance and control. This can take several days, weeks or sometimes months, all requiring a tremendous amount of energy.

As I navigate new rhythm changes, I have learned to look at them differently, to be curious about them. I see them as a change in tempo, or a sudden “cold front” moving into town. I listen and adjust my moves to a new song, and I welcome the fresh air into my life. I don’t try to go BACK to the old rhythm, I get a new perspective on the future with this added piece that creates an intriguing experience for me. It adds to the surprise in life and I learn to be more flexible. I notice I am more energetic and positive and realize that all rhythms have beauty and I can rest secure in the constants and the unexpected.

This is when I find life to be an adventure!

Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. Keep company with me and you’ll learn how to live freely and lightly.

Matthew 11: 28-29 The Message

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