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Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate.

Three words, all creating a picture of peace and calm. When I share those words with others, I get the same response, “I need that!”

I had the distinct privilege of planning and attending our Flourish Retreat for women recently. We had vision of a weekend where women could unplug and simply receive. Our vision including rejuvenation for the mind, body and spirit, the whole person. I positioned myself to be able to give to the women through my empowerment groups and availability. My focus was on helping to create an environment where women felt cared for, nurtured and empowered. Our team was unified and authentic.

As the weekend approached, I was a bit depleted physically and emotionally. I knew my “well” needed to be filled up, not really knowing how that would happen.

One of the first things I noticed was the location of our retreat was set on a beautiful ranch out in the country. We were all together in a spacious and warm home with beautiful views and comforting rooms. We could see the sunrise and sunset, breathe the fresh air and listen to silence. This alone affected my soul and calmed my mind.


The second thing I noticed was the authenticity and deep desire of the women to connect with one another. The communication and participation was powerful. There was an attitude of, “ALL IN”. This created an environment for change and growth. This dynamic made me realize how important true connection is in relationships and how that can fuel my life. It rejuvenates.

The third thing I noticed is that we all gave ourselves permission to have fun and be playful, to “be”. Whether it was our amazing workouts, cooking classes, our time in the small, quaint town, or fun pictures on the hay bales, it was spontaneous. This brought rest, soul rest.

I am filled with gratitude as I reflect and savor the Flourish Retreat. I came back a different person. I am thinking clearly, feeling valued, and full of fresh energy. This was not an expected outcome but a treasured one.

This reminded me of a “motto” my positive psychology teacher shared with our class:

“We must drink as we pour."

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