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Authentic Living

Authenticity is my fuel for living an energetic life. I realized this last week that the amount of energy I have to live life each day is related to how authentic I am. Some days I felt like I was dragging, barely making it through the day, with low positivity and motivation. There was no evidence of an outward challenge or obstacle, in fact, life was peaceful and balanced- on the outside.

After hearing a talk on forgiveness and then reading a book that spoke of forgiveness and a flourishing life, I asked myself; “Am I “really” being honest with myself and others, are there pockets of unforgiveness, grudges or hard feelings toward others or myself, am I speaking harshly to myself, saying things to myself I would never say to a friend?” I could not go on any longer with the “dragging” feelings and unmotivated way of life, so I set time aside to be authentic to myself and listen to God. I faced unforgiveness toward myself, others and let go of the small, insignificant, and hurtful events that did not matter in the big scheme of life. I honestly didn’t know if this was causing my drastic drop in energy, but I experienced an immediate change in my body and soul.