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Make Time

I remember a conversation I had a few years ago with a long time friend. I called and asked if he had time to talk. I was trying to respect the fact that he had a full schedule and many “important”people to connect with. He responded immediately with, “I’ll make time for you.”

I have not forgotten those words and the emotion I felt when I heard them. A simple sentence communicated care and value. It was a safe and trusted place to open up and receive sound advice and support.

I have been pondering this lately due to the fact that my time is being tapped out in new ways. I am challenged with giving of my time to loved ones and even myself because I have to “get all these important tasks done”. The sacrifice of time seems to hit my heart harder than the sacrifice of money. It requires a letting go of “self” and a focus on others and their needs and desires. In reality though, the love and attention, care and value that comes from giving of my time to others, even strangers, to listen and be in the “moment” with them is worth infinitely more than a checkmark on a “to do” list.

When he saw the crowds, He had compassion on them because they were weary and worn out. Matthew 9:36

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