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Song Silence

I am preparing to move again. I remember last year during my move, I was quickly calmed in heart as I settled into a quiet neighborhood. I had been plagued by an extremely loud train for a year and did not realize the low grade anxiety I carried until I listened to the silence in my new home.

I remember when my four kids were young, there were times when they were over stimulated by the noise and excitement. My sisters and I would say, “Let’s play the quiet game!” This “competitive” silence brought calm to them…and me.

During my studies in NYC, I stayed in Times Square, which is one of the most stimulating, “never sleeps”, part of the city. The noise level and activity level is significantly higher than Austin. But, when I visit my mom in her small town, I am amazed at the quiet compared to my city.

I find my deepest revelations and insights come as I listen to the song of silence. My favorite is the ocean, listening to the waves and sounds of nature. It is now a daily practice to deliberately invite the silence into my home as well as spend time in the beauty of nature. It is a time to be still, listen, process, notice, and “BE”. It brings peace; powerful, priceless and poignant peace.

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

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