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Sweet Caroline

Music is powerful. It can transform our environment. It can bring calm to a troubled heart. It can unleash a free spirit entangled by worry and anxiety. It can spark love in a longing heart. It can bring healing and connection to others and God. The perfect partner to music is dance. I love both.

The song, “Sweet Caroline”, was my sisters’ favorite song. She passed away at age 10, I was 7. This song became a treasure to our family, especially my dad. We savored all the moments we heard it. One of my most cherished memories was dancing to “Sweet Caroline” with my dad, etching with it, memories of my sister Diana. This memory has been a source of healing and comfort since my dad’s death 9 years ago. I hear the song at moments when I long for his presence and strength. This month, in particular, it happened three times. First, at the start of the month, during a family challenge and just yesterday. After traveling to NYC and graduating from my Positive Psychology Program, I pick up my car and begin to savor the journey over the past 6 months. “Sweet Caroline” begins to play on the radio! It was a beautiful way to close out this month, his anniversary month, a month of trials, a month of growth and development.</