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Lost and Found

Why am I so surprised when I experience a miracle? I say I believe in them, they are all around me. All I know is that when life delivers me a surprise miracle, it brings an outpouring of joy that refreshes the dry and empty parts of my heart and soul.

Last summer and into the Fall and Winter, my loved ones, friends and even new acquaintances shared with me that they had lost certain valuable belongings. Each person was not aware of the other, but the consistent theme was lost wallets, keys and items of value to them. I stepped out in faith and told each one that I would pray and I expected to see the item returned or found. I actually helped search for some of the lost items. Every one of the items was indeed found. Some took over three months, some took 30 minutes and some took a day. I noticed my faith and perseverance gain strength each time the prayer was answered. When a new request came my way, I encouraged the person that this has happened before and told them of the miracle prior. I saw the hope rise in them and when the item was found it had an impact on their faith and endurance. Some of the circumstances seemed absolutely impossible, nevertheless, the item was found, bringing great joy to the heart.

Then it became personal. Over a year ago, after moving, I had some highly valued jewelry that I thought had been in my safe. I later sold the safe and thought I had put the jewelry in a new place of safety. Several months later, I looked and looked for the valuables and could not find them. They were meant to be handed down to my children. I was heart broken and could not bring myself to tell them. I prayed and prayed and searched and searched. I finally let it go. Just two weeks ago, I was searching for jumper cables in a closet and found my Austin Marathon computer bag and decided to begin using it. It was interesting that the actual Austin Marathon was the following weekend. As I packed it up, I unzipped a pocket and low and behold was the pouch with the valuable jewelry! What was lost, was now found. A prayer for a miracle, answered a year later. It was with great joy and relief as I shared this first with my children and then with everyone that would listen. The timing was not random. February has been a month for me characterized by painful loss. This miracle had redeeming value.

Then I pondered the deeper lesson of presenting the impossible to God, the deep and devastating losses and longings in our lives, and searching, waiting, persevering and maybe even letting go, only to be surprised by a miracle on a day we least expect.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Philippians 4:6

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