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Just hearing the word “comfort” brings warmth to my heart. I have been thinking about all the different sources of comfort around us. I think they are more visible when I am going through the “storms” of life. Perhaps I even take them for granted when life seems to sailing right along on peaceful waters.

I decided to do a count this week of all the comforts of life, planned and unplanned, and jot them down in my gratitude journal. Then, I will take a few minutes to savor them. I started last night as I thought of the comforting words from family members and sweet texts of prayer from friends and clients. I counted the warm 80 degree weather, the rich smell and taste of coffee with whipped cream, and a night of peaceful sleep for loved ones and myself. I counted some pampering time with my daughter and a rich conversation with my son. I counted the presence of my golden retriever and a song about trust. Then there is ice cream which, in the research on comfort food, comes out on top!

It is amazing to me how this simple practice stimulates positive emotion, not my intention, but an extraordinary outcome.

God is our merciful God and source of all comfort. II Corinthians 1:3

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