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One Word

My first assignment for the new year in my PP class is to write my definition of purpose:

Purpose is an intrinsic framework of meaning that leads to an overarching belief as to why and what I am to live for.

I believe it is a God-given call on my life that is the foundation for my goals, pursuits, roles in my family, work, social and personal spheres of influence. It is the underlying

reason I live and get up each day.

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how. Nietzsche from Man’s Search for Meaning

For the past 8 years, the kids and I have a tradition of writing our “One Word” for the new year. We think of a word to imprint on our mind and heart that will prompt us to move forward with intention and motivation. We review our word after 6 months, along with the descriptive factors in various areas of our lives and do an assessment on our progress. It has been very enlightening to see our vast collection of words over the years and to come together and share our NEW words.

We convened on January 2nd and share our words for 2016: The collection of words:




My word for 2016: F ocus L ove O utreach U nique opportunites R estore I ntention S trength H APPY

It is a joy to share this tradition with my young adults and to anticipate the beauty and adventure that awaits us!

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