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Bucket of Blessings

I am a football fan. I love watching my team every week with my gear on. I keep up with the players and look forward to the season each year. I grew up watching football and enjoyed the rituals our family established around this sport. The connection I felt with my dad during this time still remains in my heart as I cheer “our” team on. It doesn't matter if we win or lose, I remain a die hard fan. One of the rituals I love in football is when a team wins a playoff or at most, the Super Bowl, the team surprisingly pours a bucket of water over the coaches head. It is a sign of gratitude and celebration. As I witness this I imagine that for an instant it takes his breath away.

This is the image I see when I stop and savor my life at this moment. I am in awe of the countless blessings in my life. They are piling up and piling up and then poured over my head! I have to catch my breath every time I ponder on them.