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Monica is a refreshing voice in the field of positive psychology. She has experience working with people in transition to navigate the change, reach their goals, and live a vibrant and flourishing life. 


Mindfulness with Monica

Mindfulness with Monica

Core Offerings

Begins September 12

Small Title

1:1 Coaching

Extended support in Divorce Recovery, Empty Nesting, Motherhood, and Single Parenting.

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20/20 Vision and Hope Workshop

Join a hands-on interactive workshop to connect to your "WHY" and create a foundation to support your purpose.

Small Group & 1:1

Self Compassion


Mindful self-compassion is a research-based training program designed to help participants cultivate the life-changing skill of self-compassion

Begins January 24!


Skills Groups

Is your teen or young adult daughter feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, disengaged or over-stimulated?


Teen Flourish launching

April 30th!

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