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Why do some corporate cultures languish while others flourish? 

Because in order to thrive, people need practical tools that increase well-being and productivity. As a practitioner in Positive Psychology, I provide simple, relevant and fun workshops that enhance and strengthen your organization. 


Each Lunch and Learn is 45-60 minutes and can be held at your place of work

or a place of your choosing. Each workshop serves up to 50 employees with the option of a single or series of workshops individualized to the organizations

needs and mission. 


“The Flourishing Group was life changing. Monica gave us tools for everyday life that are applicable and easy to integrate into our busy lives."  - Joanne

"I enjoyed this session. I think it will benefit me at work and home. The meditation really helped me; I was feeling low on energy and that was like a shot of espresso!"  - Houston, TX

"I enjoyed the presentation. Simple strategies to just be happier - Can't go wrong with that!"

- Jody, Houston, TX

"The Lunch and Learn covered very important topics! I love the scientific background and medication example!"  - Blake, Houston, TX

"Thanks for sharing your skills with us, Monica! I especially needed the brief meditation pause!"  - Chris, Houston, TX

            Get Started on Booking Your Lunch and Learn by Filling out our Intake Form:

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