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Sunshine for the Soul

I remember the long Chicago winters with thick cloud cover and no sun for months on end.

When I would visit my family in N.M., I would look up and savor the open space, blue sky and bright sunshine.

I didn’t realized how much I needed the sunshine until I didn’t have it anymore.

As I have been navigating the work at home life, I have created a ritual of going outside for a few minutes. I close my eyes and soak up the sun.

It has become a source of replenishment for my mind, heart and soul.

An energy booster.

2020 has been a year for me to learn to manage my energy. I believe this is more important than managing time.

If I can regulate my energy, I will be more resilient and I will be able to capitalize on opportunities in life.

I have learned to monitor my energy according to what is depleting and then pick a repletion activity so my “battery” does not get to zero. (something we would not let even our phones do)

This is a new life pattern for me.

In the past, I would go, go, go until my battery was very low, then I would push a little further until I was exhausted and needed a long break or I was emotionally depressed and wondered why.

In other words: BURNOUT.

Just having an awareness that the daily activities of decision making, self-regulation, stress, pain, taking initiative, sleep deprivation are all depleting. As the day progresses so does depletion.

Here is my positive psychology short list of repletion activities:


Time in nature (Sunshine)



Well balanced meal

Social connection


Clear goals


Of course my favorite being:


Then you light will break forth like the dawn. Your recovery will speedily spring forth.

Isaiah 58:8

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